Sunday 9 August 2015

"Fuck it, life is amazing...". 5 Rhythms Shadow workshop with Neda Nenadic

Rottingdean Village Hall
Park Road
Rottingdean BN2 7HL 
/The first weekend of August 2015/

Dwa bardzo intensywne, bezkompromisowe dni.
Dotykanie cieni.
Wydobywanie ich, nazywanie, wyrażanie tańcem.

W każdym Rytmie tworzącym Fale spotykaliśmy swój własny Cień.
Niebezpiecznie interesujące:)
i prowokujące zaangażowanie na różnych poziomach.
Odkrywanie pokładów emocji, ekspresji i samouzdrawiania.
Piękne doświadczenie ...

NEDA  NENADIC 5Rhythm Teacher

Dear All,
 As we approach this weekend of dance I am reminded yet again of the richness and beauty of this wonderful practice that feeds our soul and engages our creativity over and over again.
And hopefully enriching our lives off the dance floor to.
"... like all the good shit is up and all the bad shit is down - its in our language, it's in our religion, it's everywhere! Well reverse the philosophy usually and you will find some truth ..." Gabrielle Roth
Through our dance we will expand physical vocabulary of the 
5 Rhythms by paying attention and moving  with curiosity through to the SHADOW of the each rhythm.
Flowing     - Inertia,
Staccato   - Rigid Tension
Chaos       - Confusion
Lyrical       - Spaced Out
Stillness    - Numb
The amount of times I have heard my students say version of:
"I fucking hate moving when I do not feel like it, when I can not find my flow, my clarity, my surrender, my lightness and my stillness."
As a teacher and student of this practice I can very much relate to this struggle as in life as on the dance floor.
And at the same time this so deeply challenges me and engages my curiosity, my creativity and questions:
How do we find inspiration and art through those rich places of shadow?
How do we enrich our practice and our life by exploring these landscapes through physical language of the body?
Everything has a shadow! Everything has a dance!
Our job is to engage our curiosity and creativity and to give great permission to what is there, what is true. 
What is hidden.
Enter it, embrace it, move with it and through and transform it.

I jeszcze Neda :

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