Tuesday 23 December 2014

Winter Solstice by Candlelight

Noc zimowego przesilenia w blasku świec.
5 Rytmów z Nedą Nenadic w Rottingdean.
Jak zwykle niezwykle.

 Sweet Darkness by David Whyte                                                                                                             
When your eyes are tired
the world is tired also.
When your vision has gone
no part of the world can find you.
Time to go into the dark
where the night has eyes
to recognize its own.
There you can be sure
you are not beyond love.
The dark will be your womb tonight.
The night will give you a horizon
further than you can see.
You must learn one thing:
the world was made to be free in.
Give up all the other worlds
except the one to which you belong.
Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness to learn
anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive
is too small for you.
Before the Beginning by Rainer Maria Rilke
God speaks to each of us as we are made,
then walks with us silently out of the night.
These are the words, the numinous words,
we hear before we begin:

You, called forth by your senses
reach to the edge of your longing.
Become my body
grow like a fire behind things
so their shadows spread
and cover me completely

Let everything into you;
beauty and terror.
Keep going, remember
no feeling lasts forever

Don’t lose touch with me.
Nearby is the land they call life,
you will know it by its intensity.

Give me your hand.

Tak było...
...a tak będzie w Sylwestra, Nowy Rok i jeszcze następny dzień :

"Really looking forward to be holding space for this workshop this year.
It will be great creative time to review where life has taken us in the year gone by. Look into what we have learned and experienced. Letting go to make space, to start afresh and look into what really serves our deepest growth and enriches our souls to unfold.

 This is such rich workshop of dance, meditation, reflection and creativity.
So excited to hold this year.
With love Neda x"


  1. Jak dobrze, że ktoś jeszcze świętuje przesilenia i równonoce.

  2. I jak dobrze, że Ktoś to pokazuje. Dzięki Dorotko.